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Do you consider yourself worthy to lick the sole of her boot? Perhaps you want to be tied up and whipped – or maybe you just want to indulge in some light restraint play before going to bed with the beauty of your dreams.

It doesn’t matter how far your fetish and dominatrix desires go in Brisbane – we have the ladies and facilities here to cater to your every desire. When you want to explore your deepest desires in a safe and sensual place, put your trust in our ladies at 88 on Logan.

We welcome beginners to the world of fetish, mistress and slave scene who are yearning to know more, through to our well trained submissive who know exactly what they need to do to please Mistress.

For a respectful, welcoming, and deeply satisfying experience, join us on your journey to sexual and sensual exploration.

Visit us at 88 on Logan and discover a world of incredible delight today. Call now to book on (07) 3891 1198.

Our Dungeon - The Havana Bondage Room

Step through the doors of our Havana Bondage Room and be transported to a place where your deepest desires are about to come true. You will be gently guided into a world of pleasure, intrigue, submission, pain, pleasure, and ultimate delight.

Mistress Ophelia

You are truly fortunate if you book a session with Mistress Ophelia, one of Australia’s premier sensual domination and degradation mistresses. Deeply intelligent, wickedly playful, and charming, She will take you to places you have only dreamt of and leave you breathless for more of her curious and delightful talent for pleasure and suffering. Go on, take a deep breath and admit that you are absolutely powerless before her. Then come in to submit to what you know you need – something that only Mistress can provide.

Call now to book your session with Her today on (07) 3891 1198.

The Room

Our Havana Bondage Room is equipped with everything you need to bring your darkest desires to life. A fully equipped rack for whipping, spanking, restraint and erotic submission stands to one side, while floor to ceiling mirrors next to the bed give you a full view of everything that Mistress is doing to you – minute by delicious minute. Call us now to book in your session and experience the pleasure and delight of the Havana Bondage Room for yourself.

Our girls

Dominatrix not quite what you’re after? Want to book a light dominate / submission session with one of our girls in the Havana Bondage Room? If you want to visit 88 on Logan for some light play with the girl of your choice, just call us. We can discuss which of our lovely ladies is open to some exploration and fetish play.

Take care of all your fetish and kink needs....

Are you looking for some fetish and kink equipment to take home and explore with a partner or partners? We are fortunate to have our sexual emporium right next door: Eve’s Kiss is our premier adult shop catering to practically every fetish and sexual desire you could have. Want to start slow? We’ve got lace blindfolds, cuffs, and bit gags to introduce your desires gradually. Or if you’re a seasoned bondage and fetish player we have muzzles, chastity devices and clamps and screws for medical play, edging, and sensory exploration.

Visit us and then head next door to keep the fun going at home – or come along with your partner and get excited browsing our range of sexually-charged toys, gear and equipment.

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We can’t wait to welcome you to your next or first visit to see us at 88 on Logan. Whether your desires run to the darker side of fetish, humiliation, and submission or if you’re curious about some light play – we’re here waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Take a look at our ladies to decide which beautiful woman is going to join you in your pleasure and then call us to book on (07) 3891 1198.

Call us to book your Mistress / Slave session – 07 3891 1198

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