9 fetishes that are way more common than you might think

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There are a whole lot of fetishes out there to explore – when something turns you on, it turns you on – but it can sometimes be hard to find a person who is willing to explore your desires with you. But at 88 on Logan, if your fetish is legal and you want to explore it, we can make this happen for you. Note that any fetishes or extra services may require additional payment, but it’ll be worth it to explore your secret desires.

So, read on to take a look at our list of 9 fetishes and then when you’re ready to explore your innermost desires, call us on (07) 3891 1198.



There’s nothing better than the satisfying smack of your open palm on someone’s backside. If you’re into spanking, you might like to have someone bent over your knee, or you might prefer to be the one being disciplined. If you’re finding it hard to find a partner who is willing to either bend over for you or to administer the smacks to you, then call us to find out which one of our lovely ladies will be willing to indulge your fetish for some light discipline.

Foot play

Is there anything sexier than a well-manicured pair of feet, lying daintily in front of you, just begging to be touched? The girls at 88 on Logan all keep themselves in top condition from their heads to their toes, and if you’re lucky, you just might find someone who is willing to offer their dainty tootsies up for some worshipping. Foot play is one of the most common fetishes out there, whether you like to see a woman’s foot in some incredible stilettos or if you just prefer to see them au naturel.

Latex and leather

Do you love the feeling of tight leather pulling across your skin? The smell of the leather, the taste of it as you run your tongue over it? Maybe you love your leather harness, the feeling of the straps as they dig into your sides? Or perhaps you love the slick of latex as it becomes a second skin. When you want to get dressed in your favourite fetish wear and have someone who loves it just as much you, get in touch and start getting excited.


At 88 on Logan, we’re a little different from the rest because we are blessed to have Mistress Ophelia gracing our presence in our Havana Bondage Room. Mistress is an intelligent, delightful Dominatrix who is a consummate professional when it comes to pushing the limits of your torment. If you are interested in submitting yourself to Her hand, 88 on Logan can make this happen. If you are looking for light BDSM or something else in the BDSM space, one of our ladies will be happy to join you for an hour of pleasure (or more).


Does the very thought of having your armpits caressed start to make you feel aroused? If so, you might be into tickling as a fetish. This is one of the gentler fetishes, but it certainly doesn’t make it any less sexy. Whether you want to explore the sensations of being tickled until you can take it no longer, or if you want to be the one administering the tickles to the lady of your choice, call us to find out when you can book your titillating tickle time.

Armpit sniffing

If you love the idea of smelling a beautiful woman’s armpit and burying your nose in there, you might just be into armpits. No judgement – we welcome all fetishes at 88 on Logan (so long as they are legal) and would be delighted to discuss making your armpit sniffing desires a reality. Whether you want your lady to be natural or smelling of perfume is up to you – just let us know in advance, and we can ensure the lady of your choice is ready to provide.

Feather play (or pteronphilia)

Feathers are so sexy, aren’t they? The lightest possible touch of a feather is something so gentle but so incredible. This fetish kind of aligns with feather play in that you love the feeling of dainty feathers tickling over your skin, but with a difference. There’s something so erotic about the feeling of a feather doing its work, and we would love to make this a reality for you. Call us and let us know you love feathers and we’ll make sure we’re ready to play just like you like it.


Do you want to feel women’s lingerie on your skin, feel the whisper-softness of a gorgeous dress as it caresses your body? We’re completely non-judgemental when it comes to exploring your innermost desires, and we know it can be so hard to find a safe space to explore your fantasies and pleasures. But at 88 on Logan, you can book in with on of our ladies and take your pleasures to the limit.


A tiny gap between the curtains gives you a perfect view of the intimate acts happening before your eyes. You watch as the perfect body undresses in front of you and gasp in pleasure as she turns to face you giving you an unobstructed view of her perfection. If you love to watch and get turned on just hiding and pleasuring yourself then guess what? Our ladies are only too happy to oblige you.

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