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Why Use a Legal Brothel?

It’s a common question people ask when visiting a brothel in Brisbane – is it a legal establishment? It’s a very good idea to question this when you have a brothel in mind that you plan on visiting for a number of reasons which will be discussed shortly.

Let’s get some facts straight about Brothels in Queensland. Brothels are legal in Queensland and are licenced by the Prostitution Licencing Authority (PLA). The PLA reports to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) which reports to parliament. There are only two types of sex work that are legal in QLD, which are private sex work ( a single sex worker working alone) and sex work in a licenced brothel. Each state in Australia have different laws, so make sure you are aware of them if you’re interstate.

Illegal brothels are brothels that are not licenced. Outcalls from licenced brothels are also illegal. Another way that illegal brothels operate is by posing as “Massage Parlours”. The most disturbing fact about illegal brothels is that the workers often don’t use any form of protection and don’t require clients to use any, which immediately increases the chances of the transmission of STI’s and other diseases. Both sex workers and clients are at risk, and the rate of transmission to many other people is high.

The main reason why brothels in QLD have been legalised is to provide a safe and regulated environment for both sex workers and clients. Security in these brothels is high and the safety of the sex workers and clients is held in the highest regard. This is why it is so important to avoid illegal brothels which are unsafe and have very low hygiene standards and to only use legal, licenced brothels.

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