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The History of Brothels in Australia.

There are no confirmed dates or years of when brothels first appeared in Australia, however during the country’s convict and first settlement era, brothels and female prostitution were well established. They provided a service for a heavily male dominated population as well as an income for the working women. Women often worked from their own homes and the Europeans started exchanging their goods for sexual services from Aboriginal women.

After the convict period, the colonial period saw the introduction of the Contagious Diseases Act, adopted from the United Kingdom, as an attempt to control the spread of venereal disease, particularly in the military. Prostitution wasn’t illegal but the many criminal activities related to it were.

Brothels were well established throughout Brisbane during the early 1890’s, including numerous ones in the city, Fortitude Valley, South Brisbane, West End as well as other ones in inner city suburbs such as Red Hill and Toowong.

In the early 1900’s there was a demand for Japanese and European women, so many arrived in Australia to work, either in brothels or for themselves.

Over time, each state in Australia has had different laws and legislation with regards to operating brothels and it remains this way today. It is well known that legalising brothels is a lot safer than criminalising it, however some states in Australia are yet to legalise prostitution. Brothels are legal in Queensland.

Despite Australia’s tainted history of prostitution and the implications it had on females involved (human trafficking, slavery, disease etc), modern laws and regulations in Australia support an ever-growing sex industry making it a safe and successful business.

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