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What is an Escort?

An escort, also known as a call girl, is an individual who works in the adult industry offering their companionship – usually but not exclusively sexual, for a predetermined price. The most notable difference between an escort and a prostitute is that they are usually employed by an agency as opposed to an individual, or pimp, and are held up to regulatory standards. Their employment may be incall, in which a client will come to the escort, or outcall, in which they will go to the client.

Who might want an escort?

Escorts are used by a variety of people from all different backgrounds. They range from young to old and people who are looking for a purely sexual experience to those who are looking for a date to an important event.

Where to find an escort?

If you are looking for an escort in Brisbane there various ways to find an agency that will cater to your needs. The most effective way to find one is through a simple Google search. The internet has fortunately opened up the potential for call girl agencies to promote their services to customers without the individual having to leave their home. This usually includes a photo, a physical description of the escort (hair colour, height etc.) and the specifics of the services that she provides. Some escorts may cater to common fetishes and not so common fetishes that may be requested in advance by the customer.

Selecting an escort

The best way to find a reputable agency is obviously via word of mouth, however given the private nature of sex work, it may be hard to find a recommendation. In this case you need to do some research and find an agency that appears professional. Once you have found someone with whom you’re willing to do business, you’re going to want to find a specific escort on their website. Getting the most out of your experience is largely due to you knowing what you want. Let the booker know exactly what you are looking for and if you should visit them again they can recommend something to your taste.

Ultimately a successful experience will be based on clear communication. Understand in advance your personal budget and discuss with the agency exactly what you will receive, this will save any confusion on either end.

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