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The History of the Humble Sex Toys The history of the humble sex toy is a contentious topic. It makes palaeontologists and anthropologist discuss the notion that humans may not have made these objects for just religious ceremonies or celebrations of fertility. The facts seem to point to the more realistic notion that we have… Continue reading

The role of brothels in ancient history. Prostitution is dated back to the 18th century before Christ and the ancient culture of Babylon, which is why it has gained recognition as “the world’s oldest profession”. Along the Tigris and Euphrates river, in the Ancient Near East, were built many shrines and temples, called “houses of… Continue reading

The History of Escorts. In all parts of the world, where we see traces of human culture we see evidence of a sex trade. Escorts have played a significant role in every major civilisation throughout history. This has been evident from ancient Mesopotamia to the Wild West and current day societies. The practice has a… Continue reading

What is an Escort? An escort, also known as a call girl, is an individual who works in the adult industry offering their companionship – usually but not exclusively sexual, for a predetermined price. The most notable difference between an escort and a prostitute is that they are usually employed by an agency as opposed… Continue reading

The Different Types of Adult Services. There are many different types of adult services available in Brisbane to those aged 18 years and above. They range from adult shops, exotic dance clubs and stripper hire to massage, escorts and brothels. Both genders as well as male to male and female to female services are available.… Continue reading

The History of Brothels in Australia. There are no confirmed dates or years of when brothels first appeared in Australia, however during the country’s convict and first settlement era, brothels and female prostitution were well established. They provided a service for a heavily male dominated population as well as an income for the working women.… Continue reading

Why Use a Legal Brothel? It’s a common question people ask when visiting a brothel in Brisbane – is it a legal establishment? It’s a very good idea to question this when you have a brothel in mind that you plan on visiting for a number of reasons which will be discussed shortly. Let’s get… Continue reading

Escort Services in Brisbane Brothel Escort services involve an escort meeting with a client who pays the escort for sexual services. Escorts may work independently or for an escort agency or brothel. Using escort services through an agency or brothel is the safest option, as all escorts are screened and checked prior to employment. It… Continue reading

The Best Adult Services in Brisbane Brisbane has a lot to offer in terms of adult services. This includes legal brothels and premier bordellos,  mistresses and services and escorts. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at the best brothel in Brisbane, 88 on Logan. We understand that life is busier than ever… Continue reading