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This month, we have a Cameo Special (second girl’s fee offered at half booking time).

A second lady makes an appearance in the last half-hour of the booking. You ONLY pay for the lady’s fee- room hire free.


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The Best Brothel in Brisbane

At 88 on Logan, we provide adult services in Brisbane for our clients that are the absolute best. Our premier brothel in Brisbane offers a specialty mistress room along with other high quality luxurious suites complete with large screen TV’s, spas, mirrors, lighting and more. 88 on Logan is one of Brisbane’s oldest and most respected legal brothels, known for our stunning ladies and discreet service. Treat yourself to a night of erotic pleasure where your choice of our professional ladies will fulfill your inner fantasies. Please contact the friendly and professional reception staff at 88 on Logan to book in your appointment time.

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    As one of the oldest professions in history, sex work has had a varied reputation. However, what is clear is that the client base of these workers is diverse and wide. In fact, research by the Prostitution Licensing Authority in Australia suggests that at least one in every 30 men...

  • The role of brothels in ancient history

    The role of brothels in ancient history. Prostitution is dated back to the 18th century before Christ and the ancient culture of Babylon, which is why it has gained recognition as “the world’s oldest profession”. Along the Tigris and Euphrates river, in the Ancient Near East, were built many shrines...

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    The History of Escorts. In all parts of the world, where we see traces of human culture we see evidence of a sex trade. Escorts have played a significant role in every major civilisation throughout history. This has been evident from ancient Mesopotamia to the Wild West and current day...


Call for mistress appointments on 3891 1198

Call for mistress appointments on 3891 1198